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Prize: You design featured the dA page and also on  &…

Post the design on your own page then copy pasta a link to this Blog Entry as a comment( if its a video post the youtube/dailymotion link )

Make a stream overlay resolution 1280x720 theme of your choosing.
(keeping it small resolution just in case some people have weaker machines. everything in the overlay must be made from scratch you are not allowed to used characters made by someone else, this said it does not necessarily have to have a character in it)

This event starts as soon as this is posted, and it will end on 31 - July-2016 20:00(08:00) GTM +3 Timezone (…)

1 Week after the date Me(EliteKitten) & Snowinwinter will decide on who the winner will be.

Can i use a design iv already made?
Sure but, keep in mind the rule about the character.

How will you know if we used someone else is character?
I will look at your other submissions on your page and from the style of work you do i will be able to tell.

What about the game loading screen art and such?
No, every in the overlay must be made from 0.

Why so many restrictions?
I want to see people who have imagination and think outside of the box, people who can make something from nothing

How many Entries per person?
To keep this clean each person will be allowed 1 entry.

if iv missed something and you guys have questions feel free to send me a note here on deviantart
Wanted to let all members know that we have a specific group for all Lol related work.
Those who wish to be part of it also, you can find it here: league-of-overlays.deviantart.… partnering with… to bring you the best graphics for your internet needs
- Overlays Static & Animated (desktop/game/loading/etc)
- TwitchTv alerts
- Wallpapers
- Banners ( social media ex: youtube/facebook/twitter/thumblr/etc)
- Signatures
- Logos
- Website Templates
- Photo Touch up
- Cosplay Effects
- Bring your static overlay and get it animated
We have the date for patch 5.14 , so the new hud will be out for Lol
Any of you excited ?
More details:…
Everyone is welcome to join our little group, either you wish to share your creations, you are looking for something or just a fan.

How to become a contributor :
- Have original work, no rip offs.
- Those interested in becoming a contributor let me know.

Enjoy and have fun.

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